We invite you to know the world’s most advanced chemical-free technology for the sustainable production and disinfection of water

We have at your disposal almost two decades of experience in the commercialization of water solutions. Counting now, with a technological and human platform capable of solving any need you may have in the integral water cycle at any scale. Water-On offers you the most advanced technologies in the world for a Chemical Free Water Treatment. Our customers are one more asset of our company and therefore, we fight every day to achieve their loyalty, offering the most advanced and effective technology, at a reasonable cost and after-sales service according to their expectations. This stimulus moves us every day towards the search for business excellence. Aware of the importance of good investment planning, we work side by side with the production centers to ensure the best results in each of our activities. Fulfilling in this way, with the environmental and investment return objectives of our customers.



Best Water Treatment Solutions Provider 2018


Best Water Treatment Technology Specialists 2018


European Prize for Management and Business Innovation 2018


Award for Excellence in Management and Innovation 2018

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Our systems are easy to install and save costs from day one, both in new and existing facilities


The solvency of our technologies is supported by the experience and excellent results obtained in multiple facilities worldwide


Our technological offer meets the most demanding international quality and safety standards officially certified


In an increasingly globalized world where new technologies allow products and services to be offered to every corner of the planet without being physically at destination, Water-On has opted to combine this magnificent tool with physical representation on four continents. It is therefore one of our basic objectives, to adapt to the needs, idiosyncrasy and culture of each Region. Also providing our customers, a closer service and a quick response to needs of advice and technical support on-site.


Water-On has commercial offices and specialized technical support in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East.

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Specialized Production Centers for each of the technologies. Located in leading countries in technological knowledge and innovation, protection of labor rights and with strict compliance with national and international industrial safety regulations, approved and validated by public agencies and independent certification organizations.
Currently, the technologies we commercialize are produced in Israel, Europe and the USA, being exported to the whole world through an advanced logistics platform and transport alliances that allow us to reach any destination and location.




We are aware that our customers do not wish to purchase only technological equipment by catalog. Therefore, we develop our activity trying to provide value in each of the steps that make up the start-up of a project. From the technical support in its initial conception, to the start-up of the equipment and the training of the personnel associated with the maintenance and operation of our technological solutions.
From our commercial offices, at the head of which there are qualified technical personnel, to the technical and engineering departments in each factory, we are at your disposal to help you choose the most convenient solution.

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Direct from Factory

Direct delivery logistics from the factory. You can choose between picking up the equipment directly at our loading docks, or that they are delivered to the destination. We adapt to the immense majority of ICOTERMS to cover your needs in the most efficient way, both technically and economically.

Laboratory and Tests

Fulfilling the requirements of our customers is one of our highest goals, therefore, in those cases in which there is no previous experience in similar applications, or due to the complexity of the project, we make available to our customers free of charge the laboratories located in the production centers, in order to carry out tests or tests and to know the scope and potential effectiveness of our technologies prior to their final acquisition.


Each project is different and therefore, we must choose the best technical solution in each case. In this initial phase, collaboration, planning and the exchange of prior information with our customers is essential. Once we have a clear vision of the objectives and expected results, we decide which is the ideal technical solution to cover your expectations in the short, medium and long term.

Technical Support

Designed to accompany our clients in the initial, intermediate and final phases. Our technical team advises in the commercial and production areas. Optionally, we make available to our customers a technical team to verify the installation of the equipment developed by themselves, or third parties, its first start-up, as well as, the training of the personnel who will be in charge of the preventive or corrective maintenance of the systems.



Initial contact through our commercial department that will guide you during the first phase of the process


Once your technological needs are known, the technical department determines with you the best technical solution


Once the technical solution and the most suitable equipment have been defined, the equipment is requested from the factory

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Finally it is verified that the merchandise arrives in the conditions and terms established in agreement with you


This last step is optional in small installations, although it is included in those of greater complexity



We have collaboration agreements with different organizations and media, through which we present news about our company and the different initiatives we develop with our customers.