High Intensity UV with Fiber Optic Principles

Our system has revolutionized UV technology through a patented principle of UV disinfection, HODW-O® is a technology of disinfection and treatment of water, which maximizes the efficiency of dose delivery using less energy than other UV systems and with a larger size little. It provides 100% of the time an actual dose and not average, for continuous control of bio-fouling demonstrated. Thanks to its advanced engineering, based on optical fiber and hydraulics, the system has achieved validations and acceptances unmatched by any other commercially available UV technology.


100% Chemical Free

100% chemical-free disinfection (validated EPA virus 4-log and 5-log microbial). Disinfection occurs only with UV Medium Pressure.

Special Applications

Non-thermal pasteurization (FDA-MPO criteria); Lactose whitening; Disinfection of Syrup for Beverages, Recovery of Water of Cow ..., etc.


Eliminates chlorine in industrial processes without the need to add chemicals such as Metabisulfite that causes anaerobic reactions.

Biofilm Reduction

Reduction of Biofilm in O.I membranes and Cooling Towers avoiding potential dangers such as Legionella hidden in amoebas.

Self Control

Integrated Software Able to self-regulate depending on the characteristics of the water and stop the production process due to contamination risk.


HODW-O® ™ equipment can be controlled remotely, either in main buildings or in remote areas without dedicated personnel.

Plug & Play

HODW-O® easily integrates with new or pre-existing installations. With qualified personnel, its installation and commissioning can be done in a few hours.

Automatic Reports

HODW-O® can be delivered with an automatic reporting system for those cases in which by legislation it is mandatory to keep a record of the disinfection treatment.

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ULTRAVIOLET DISINFECTION It uses a patented internal reflection technology, similar to optical fiber,
with the ability to effectively "recycle" any necessary UV dose throughout
the reaction chamber and back into the water. Internal reflection basical-
ly attacks microorganisms from all directions.

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Our Medium Pressure UV lamps give more for less


  • They give more disinfection per cm / inches than low pressure lamps.
  • Broad germicidal spectrum that attacks different parts of the microorganism and destroys its repair mechanisms.
  • There is no danger of rejuvenation of the microorganisms that compromise your product later.
  • More efficient in the inactivation of viruses.
  • Easily inactivates microorganisms resistant to other disinfection methods such as chlorine, heat and low pressure UV.
  • It uses much less energy than low pressure UV systems to achieve the same results.


Less UV lamps are necessary to achieve a result equivalent to low pressure


  • Less lamps means a significant reduction in maintenance.

In some cases, 2 or 3 Medium Pressure lamps can replace up to 50 Low Pressure lamps.

Works with cold and hot water, unlike low pressure UV rays


Optimized UV efficiency

  • The high purity quartz disinfection chamber surrounded by a block of air, uses the principles of optical fiber to recycle light photons.
  • The UV photons emitted by the lamp can not penetrate the air block and bounce several times in the water (a phenomenon known in the optical fiber as total internal reflection).
  • Photons of UV light are distributed through the entire volume of water, so that all microorganisms are reached and inactivated.


Reduction of energy consumption


  • The increase in efficiency for each UV photon means that less UV is needed to achieve the same results.
  • Less UV means less energy consumption and longer lamps.


Optimized hydraulics


  • The water flow is synchronized to match the pattern of UV light distribution.

There are no parts, deflectors or brushes in the UV disinfection chamber that can block the UV photons that treat the microorganisms that arrive in the water.


Uniform dose distribution


  • A horizontal UV distribution system and optimized hydraulic engineering ensure that all microorganisms in the water treatment chamber are exposed to a uniform UV dose.
  • The entire volume of water is subjected to efficient disinfection.

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ULTRAVIOLET DISINFECTION Equipped with a medium pressure polychromatic lamp with high inten-
sity properties; providing 2 times more energy than other medium pres-
sure UV lamps, and 16 times more than low-pressure lamps. The result
is an extraordinary germicidal protection.

Medium Pressure UV Lamps

Less lamps provide better protection

Automatic Control of Water Transmittance in Real Time

One sensor per lamp measures critical data in real time

Automatic Control of the RED Dose in Real Time

One sensor per lamp measures critical data in real time

Window "Show-Me"

Safe window that shows the work system in real time.

Quartz Camera that uses Optical Fiber Principles

Optimizes UV Efficiency to reduce energy costs through Photon Recycling

316 Steel Body

316 Electropolished Stainless Steel Cover that protects the air chamber and the body of quartz and other sensitive elements of the reactor.

Internal Thick Quartz Tube

More secure and better management of the lamp. Prevents accidental spillage of glass or mercury in the water flow.

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It has the ability to dose the rhythm of each lamp. The properties of its software of logic, sensors and controls, allow the automatic adjustment of the dose according to the evolution of the water quality to guarantee the protection in real time. The dose needed to meet any application need is maintained at all times through this reliable approach. The efficient use of UV energy, achieved through the properties of control of the frefuencia of the doses, allows a lower consumption of energy and a greater duration of the lamps.

In the image you can see the cross section of the HODW-O® unit that shows the high level of disinfection achieved by the configuration of the quartz chamber, equipped with thick lampholder tubes that isolate these from the water.


HODW-O® lamps are shorter and reduce the risk of breakage


  • Lamp with lengths of 26.3 cm (10.35 “).
  • Easy to handle


Thick quartz tubes protect lamps and water


  • Quartz chamber with 5 times the thickness of conventional quartz sleeves.
  • There is no possibility of breaking glass or mercury in the water, in the unlikely event of a UV lamp breakage.
  • There are no thin quartz sleeves that can break or replace.


Less mercury


  • Its small size, involves less mercury and less exposure in case of breakage.
  • Some systems use very long lamps that are much more susceptible to breakage. These lamps add the danger of large “spills” of mercury when they break.

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ULTRAVIOLET DISINFECTION The HODW-O® systems can optionally incorporate an automatic cleaning system
that prevents deposits of scale and ensures maximum use of the efficiency of UV
light in the disinfection chamber. The patented cleaning system of the HODW-O®
completely retracts itself, in such a way that it doesnot produce shadows and does
not affect the effectiveness of the lamps.

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Each lamp of the HODW-O® requires only 4 minutes to be replaced. In most cases, the systems are equipped with 1 or 2 lamps, so the average time in maintenance work is between 8 and 16 minutes. ANNUAL MAINTENANCE ULTRAVIOLET DISINFECTION expand_more

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Thanks to excellent results in combination with an increasing specialization, we have been able to face with guarantees the application of the principles of HODW-O® to some market sectors where there is a need to avoid the use of chemical products and where a highly Effective disinfection method is especially important. The principles of HODW-O® are currently used by aquaculture, food and beverage companies, dairy industries, ships, and by municipalities for a wide range of applications such as supply through firebreaks, non-thermal pasteurization, post-GAC disinfection, drinking water and more.


Heavy Industry
Oil and Gas
HODW-O ® CONTINUE Validated performance to control macro and micro contamination. Tested
in the control of macro contamination by aquatic and invasive species (AIS)
including zebra mussels Quagga, Hidroid, Byrozoa and others. HODW-O®
UV kills the larvae so that they can not grow in the water exchangers and
thus make the transfer of heat and cooling cleaner and more efficient in a
continuous way.
Potable and Residual Water
HODW-O ® CONTINUE The only UV system validated according to US-EPA 4-log virus with real results
in live Adenoviruses. Yes, we have done it. This is the reality: they are not only
theoretical calculations. Our algorithms are based on tests and full-scale vali-
dation of Adenovirus. With HODW-O® technology, even the smallest systems
can afford the technology and performance of large systems. The small foot-
print, the modular design and the wide range of validated operations mean a
sustainable solution with instantaneous information documented and verified
in real time.
Food and Drink
HODW-O ® CONTINUE HODW-O® allows rapid recovery of ROI investment. We can take as example
a leading beverage bottling plant where we installed a system of 2 lamps to
replace a low pressure system with 18 lamps, achieving a high UV reduction
and maintenance costs. The system has also lowered the steam frequency,
reducing the consumption of energy and water. The plant reached ROI in one
HODW-O ® CONTINUE The solution for the pharmaceutical industry is equally effective with cold and
hot water, making it suitable for installation in any place along the process line.
Whether used as a pre-treatment to prevent biological contamination in RO
and EDI processes, as well as barrier disinfection for PW / WFI loops.
Fish farms
Off-Shore - Continental
HODW-O ® CONTINUE The principles of HODW-O® are validated at the highest level of regulation,
including EPA and FDA and are accepted by regulators as an alternative to
chlorine for disinfection of primary water. HODW-O® easily inactivates mi-
croorganisms, including chlorine-resistant pathogens, pseudomonas, Giardia
and Cryptosporidium, as well as spores resistant to high temperatures. Being
a sustainable and profitable solution.
Tourist Leisure
HODW-O ® CONTINUE HODW-O® is validated at the highest level of regulation for use in tourist and
residential leisure facilities. The installation of a HODW-O® system means, on
average, a 75% reduction in the use of chemicals in swimming pools, aquatic
leisure and water parks facilities. All this, without compromising the safety of
the users and extending the useful life of the facilities while reducing mainte-
nance work. With world-class facilities, the HODW-O® system is a versatile and
highly effective solution.

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The HODW-O® systems include the disinfection unit, a ballast module configuration and controller. Water flows are managed without obstacles, resulting in a low pressure loss. The UV lamps have a fast MPHI connection inside a thick quartz tube that significantly reduces the risk of breakage and its consequences. A UV intensity sensor (UVIS) provides continuous measurement of the output of each lamp. In addition, a UVT analyzer informs and tracks the water quality and a window with UV protection allows you to see the interior in operation. An optional cleaning system cleans the surface of the quartz tubes automatically.


Chemical Free
HODW-O® CONTINUE The HODW-O® allows you among other things: • Instant disinfection on de
mand - no contact basin, no pH / temperature or CT measurements, no re-
pumping -safe water directly to the user • DBP monitoring is not required -
no there is none • Tested to significantly reduce biofilms in pipes and mem-
branes • The compact online solution is integrated into almost any space •
Remote monitoring keeps you up to date and provides you with advance in-
formation to avoid impending anomalies • Compliance reports from the EPA
and the condition automatically generated.
Treatment - Reuse
HODW-O® CONTINUE HODW-O® and its advanced validated and certified technological develop
ment, offers unattainable results for other UV technologies in the reuse of
wastewater. Incorporated into a tertiary system, the HODW-O® is able to
guarantee protection against bacteria, nematodes, viruses, etc., in wastewa-
ter for subsequent reuse in agriculture, industrial cleaning or gardens.
HODW-O® has been successfully implemented in ZLD liquid zero discharge
projects in the food and heavy industry.
Protection of
Osmosis Systems
HODW-O® CONTINUE HODW-O® as a UV treatment for non-chemical disinfection and dechlorina
tion is a sustainable alternative to chemistry (SBS / SMBS) against Biofouling
and its heavy maintenance burden. The UV technology of HODW-O® is unique
in its ability to disinfect and dechlorinate feed water and production water in a
single non-chemical process. The system decomposes free chlorine and signif-
icantly reduces the combined oxidants of chlorine in water to protect RO mem-
branes. At the same time, high-level sintering technology reduces the biofouling
potential of the membrane by eliminating the potential for anaerobic and aero-
bic bacterial growth.
Elimination and Control
HODW-O® CONTINUE HODW-O® is a cost-effective, safe and efficient method to reduce the biofilm
in the water of the cooling tower. By preventing new biofilm formers from en-
tering the cooling tower water, it has a profound impact on microbial integrity
downstream. It can be a key component of a Legionella control program be-
cause it inactivates both organisms that are resistant to chemicals and organ
isms typically treated with chemicals in a single treatment. • Inactive Legionella
bacteria, as well as other bacteria, algae and protozoa that are resistant to tra-
ditional chemical biocides.
Control of
Invasive Species
HODW-O® CONTINUE In heavy industry, while traditional meshes capture large organisms, larvae of mus-
sels, barnacles, clams and other invasive species settle, grow and block pipes and
exchangers. The resulting reduction of capacity in the energy exchange and pump-
ing, compromises the functionality of the plants. The UV treatment of HODW-O®
has been shown to prevent 99% of fixation and settling at low UV doses.
The HODW-O® solution eliminates the need for corrosive chemicals and is safer
for water and the environment.
• Sustainable and profitable solution
• Meets strict environmental regulations
• Non-corrosive - less chemical fouling and chemical biofouling
• Cleaner surfaces to improve heat transfer
Chemical Free Treatment
Processed water
HODW-O® CONTINUE Our HODW-O® system allows high microbial inactivation without the use of che-
micals for process water, rinse and CIP applications. It achieves high reductions of
microorganisms and is particularly effective against those resistant to chlorine, pseu-
domonas, cryptosporidium and gardia. It also inactivates heat-resistant viruses and
spores. HODW-O® is tested in field tests and validated for the highest standards of
regulation including EPA, FDA and PMO. HODW O® guarantees the safety of water
without adding chemicals and without disinfection by-products. The Cost-Effective-
ness and Environmental Respect of the HODW O® solution offers levels of inactiva-
tion never before reached with other UV systems.
Without Chemicals
HODW-O® CONTINUE HODW-O® high-intensity, medium-intensity ultraviolet light is extremely ef
fective at decomposing free chlorine at undetectable levels, and is a clean
and safe alternative to the activated carbon filter and sodium bisulfite. The
results are reliable and the system is sustainable. It protects the system in-
cluding filters and RO membranes from microbial contamination, reducing
the maintenance load, while providing high level water disinfection and a-
vailability on demand. In addition, HODW-O® is fully compatible with PW
and WFI standards.
Sulphite Reductive
Bacteria Control
HODW-O® CONTINUE The production water of the mining industry, as well as that of Oil & Gas,
contains a large quantity of microorganisms. While the types of organisms
vary widely, the most damaging to this industry are sulfphite-reducing bacte-
ria (SRB). These SRB are present in all the waters manipulated in the mining
or oilfield and they aggravate the deposits converting the sulphate ions into
hydrogen sulfide (H2S). The SRB activity potential is even greater when the
operations are based on the injection of produced water. The working prin-
ciple of HODW-O® has been proven highly effective in controlling these SRB
by improving results.
Active Carbon Substitution
Post A.C. Treatment
HODW-O® CONTINUE Carbon is a breeding ground for bacteria prone to biofouling and, without
intensive maintenance, is subject to costly advances. A HODW O® unit, in-
stalled immediately after the active carbon filter, protects against ruptures
and reduces downstream biofouling, so there is less demand for frequent
and aggressive cleaning. Likewise, in some industrial processes Active Car-
bon can be replaced by an HODW-O® system improving efficiency and ef-
fectiveness, reducing risks.
Cold Disinfection of Water
Equivalent to Pasteurization
HODW-O® CONTINUE The principles of HODW-O® meet the PMO 2009 criteria for water equivalent
to pasteurized, which authorizes UV to replace traditional pasteurization if it
adheres to specific criteria. The principles of HODW-O® comply and is verified
by third-party validation. It obtains pasteurized water equivalent to demand, re-
placing the costly processes of heat pasteurization that consume a lot of energy.
If you currently pasteurize the water in batches, you can join a tank and in this
way you can save energy costs by keeping intact the levels of disinfection obtain-
ed with traditional water pasteurization.

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Our UV systems adapt to any type of installation, for this we have created a wide range of models and solutions in Skid in order to meet the market demand, as well as its applications. All our systems comply with the following regulations, among others:



• 4 log EPA virus and 5 log microbial inactivation
• Disinfection of water / water equivalent pasteurized by the FDA
• European Low Voltage Directive (LVD): 73/23 / EEC (electrical safety)
• EC / 99/93 (quality of water for human consumption)
• Quality management ISO 9001: 2008
• United States Federal Performance Standards 40 CFR 141.720
• GOST Standards Institute, Russian Federation
• National Institute of Public Health, Poland
• Exempt Resolution No. 2.327 of December 31, 2010, within the framework of the General Law of Fisheries and Aquaculture
• CE compliant
• Biocompatible materials are used in any part of the body that is in contact with water to avoid irritation, sensitization and toxicity


104 The 104 is the smallest model of our UV range of Medium Pressure. It has two versions, 11 and 12, depending on
whether you have one or two lamps. Our UV technology automatically adjusts in real time, the dose in function of
the changes that the water quality undergoes. There is no risk of contamination by mercury or glass during the re-
placement of the lamps. Available with 1kW and 2kW lamps. All our models are Plug & Play and can be installed in
practically any application and sector for water disinfection.
HDW-104® Series : HDW-104-11 ---------------- Controller B&W or Color
HDW-104-12 ---------------- Controller B&W or Color
163 The 163 is the intermediate model of our UV range of Medium Pressure. It has four versions: 11, 12, 13 and 14,
depending on whether you have one, two, three or four lamps. Our UV technology automatically adjusts the dose
in real time, depending on the changes in the quality of the water. Patented with fiber optic principles, which makes
all pathogens exposed to a homogenous dose. Available with 1.7kW, 3.4kW, 5.1kW and 6.8kW lamps. Like the other
models, the 163 shows the status of the data in real time, including the actual UV dose that is being delivered.
HDW-163® Series : HDW-163-11 ------------------ Controller B&W or Color; or HP; or DPM
HDW-163-12 ------------------ Controller B&W or Color; or HP; or DPM
HDW-163-13 ------------------ Controller B&W or Color; or HP; or DPM
HDW-163-14 ------------------ Controller B&W or Color; or HP; or DPM
300 The 300 is a model designed for large volumes of water or in processes where high doses are required. Available
in four versions: 11, 12, 13 and 14, depending on whether you have one, two, three or four lamps. Our UV techno-
logy automatically adjusts in real time, the dose according to the changes that the quality of the water experiences.
Patented with fiber optic principles, which causes all pathogens to be exposed to a homogenous dose. Available
with lamps of 4.2kW, 8.4kW, 12.6kW and 16.8 kW. Like the rest of the models, it allows a custom configuration of
the user for the alarm values.
HDW-300® Series : HDW-300-11 ------------------ B&W or Color; or DPM
HDW-300-12 ------------------ B&W or Color; or DPM
HDW-300-13 ------------------ B&W or Color; or DPM
HDW-300-14 ------------------ B&W or Color; or DPM
30.B The model 30.B is a model designed for very demanding processes from the point of view of dose and flow rate.
Available in four versions, 11, 12, 13 and 14, depending on whether one, two or three are available. or four lamps.
Our UV technology automatically adjusts in real time, the dose according to the changes that the quality of the wa-
ter experiences. Patented with fiber optic principles, which causes all pathogens to be exposed to a homogenous
dose. Available with 8.4kW, 16,8kW, 25.2kW and 33.6kW lamps. Like the rest of the models, it allows a quick and
easy replacement of the lamp (4 minutes).
HDW-30.B® Series : HDW-30.B-11 ------------------ B&W or Color; or DPM
HDW-30.B-12 ------------------ B&W or Color; or DPM
HDW-30.B-13 ------------------ B&W or Color; or DPM
HDW-30.B-14 ------------------ B&W or Color; or DPM

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