Scale Inhibition

Our Scale Inhibiting technology offers permanent treatment and protection without the use of salts or chemical products and without rejection water. It allows the water to be stored for prolonged periods of time without losing the effectiveness of the treatment. Its low maintenance makes the prevention of calcifications profitable in industrial, municipal and residential systems. The system incorporates a controller that can be programmed in BMS, which allows easy monitoring of operations.



100% Chemical Free

Eliminates the use of Sales and Chemical Products throughout the process, therefore, your purchases and storage.

Water Saving

Water Savings by not producing reject water, improving economic costs and sustainability.

Energy Saving

The improvement of the energetic efficiency takes place thanks to the prevention of new encrustations and the progressive elimination of the old ones.

Minimum Maintenance

The high quality of the materials, their perfect integration and configuration, make the system practically free of maintenance.

Plug & Play

Plug and Play system (install and operate). Automatic control of the dose and easy integration and control through intuitive and simple interface.

Microbiological Safety

By preventing incrustations, the system helps to mitigate the establishment of the biofilm and, therefore, improves sanitary safety.

Discharges Free

Sustainable technology, since it avoids hazardous spills to the environment, thanks to its technology free of chemicals and without rejections.

Long Useful Life

The anode is the heart of the system. Under normal conditions it can last up to 10 years. Once exhausted, it is the only element that is replaced.

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The INW-O® does not need the contribution of salts for its operation. Therefore, it does not increase the volume of so-
dium salts in the water and does not break the ionic equili-
brium. Another of its advantages is that it does not increase the conductivity.

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It is usually specified in areas where the water hardness is 200 ppm or more. INW-O® can help protect new and existing systems from calcification. Protects water conditions “permanently” by dosing a very low level of stable zinc, through an electrolytic process that uses a zinc anode and a copper cathode. This procedure requires that the calcium carbonate crystals that are originally in the water, become a soft aragonite, which prevents the formation of deposits of hard calcite (lime).


INW-O® is easier to install and operate than ever before. This cost-effective and innovative device uses recommended electrolytic technology to permanently prevent the accumulation of lime, and has significant cost, energy and water savings compared to other anti-scale solutions. As a result, it is already installed in a large number of municipal, industrial and commercial facilities. The changes developed in the system include a simplified interface, more intuitive for the user, a controller and an organic LED screen.

The implementation of our technology implies an important modernization of hydraulic networks and has a direct impact on:

  • More efficient and rational use of water
  • Savings that can be higher than 60% in energy consumption
  • Increase in productivity


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INW-O® is a 100% chemical-free electrolytic system. Therefore, the chemical composition of the water is not altered. The param-
eters and properties of the water remain unchanged, including pH and conductivity, avoiding problems such as oxidation and corrosion.

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INW-O® is an environmentally friendly solution to prevent incrustations that do not release sodium, or chemical products such as pH correctors or neutralizers. Sodium is a highly contaminating and harmful mineral, both for the facilities and for people who consume water with doses above the WHO recommended. In the case of hard waters for irrigation that are treated with traditional systems, a high sodium content affects the permeability of the soil. INW-O® avoids the spillage of water rejecting the environment.


INW-O® does not demineralize water. This is important for several reasons, but we will highlight two mainly: First, because some minerals present in water are necessary for human life. Second, because although the incrustations may represent a problem for the installations, the availability of an excessively acid and aggressive water increases the risk of corrosion, as this aggressive nature makes the formation of protective layers on some metals difficult. INW-O® is a system that prevents incrustations without modifying the balance of the supply water.

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INW-O® does not generate rejection water. Since it is a process in which salts or chemicals are not involved and potability is not altered, the total volume of water that passes through the equip-
ment is used.

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Compared to traditional salt water softeners, INW-O® has significant savings in consumables, maintenance and water. Our system does not require water or salt for regeneration, while the maintenance requirements are minimal. The filter simply needs to be emptied periodically. The zinc anode has a service life of approximately 10 to 12 years, after which the anode may require replacement to maintain optimum performance. As a result, an INW-O® 42mm system could save more than € 4,200 per year compared to a similar size salt-based water softener. The ROI (return on investment) is typically less than 12 months.


Once INW-O® has been put into operation, the possibility of alteration by unqualified personnel is reduced by the addition of tamper-proof screws. Health and safety considerations have also been taken into account, since wiring can only be accessed with a special tool.

A four-line organic LED display ensures that the values are easy to read in low light or far away conditions, which is very useful as units are often installed in difficult locations. In addition, the controller technology allows future firmware updates to be made quickly, with minimal downtime and interruption. It includes an optional BMS pulse splitter that allows the use of water to be controlled by the central management system of the plant or building.

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INW-O® is a very efficient system and at the same time an extraordinary simplicity. It incorporates a reinforced electrolytic controller that improves the conduction of the zinc alloy electrode unit automatically. Not needing salts or chemicals, it only requires a visual inspection sporadically to verify that everything develops correctly. ANNUAL MAINTENANCE SCALE INHIBITION

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INWO® is useful for the prevention of scale and improved efficiency of installations in the industrial, municipal, residential or agricultural sectors to name a few. Since INW-O® not change the physico-chemical balance of the water, there is no risk of by-products or rejection problems as with other technologies.


Heavy Industry
and Manufacturing
INW-O® CONTINUE The industry consumes just over 20% of the freshwater extracted in the
world. An important part -especially in heavy industry- is used in cold or
heat processs. Calcareous incrustations act as a thermal insulator that
prevents the correct transmission of heat. Simply by forming 1 mm of
scale on a resistance or a heat exchanger, the energy consumption will
increase by around 10%. Our INW-O® system contributes in a relevant
way to the efficiency and economic and environmental improvement of
the process.
INW-O® CONTINUE Many of the municipalities obtain water from natural sources such as wells
and reservoirs. The final hardness of the water will depend on the character-
istics of the terrain from which they are obtained. In the medium term, hard
water causes incrustation problems in the municipal networks, which in turn
cause reductions in flow rates, significant load losses and poor quality of the
final supply. INW-O® corrects and prevents problems caused by high water
hardness in municipal networks.
INW-O® CONTINUE INW-O® is the ideal solution for the residential sector. The simplicity of
integration and commissioning of the equipment makes it possible for
the installation to be carried out by the own technical services of the res-
idential and tourist buildings. INW-O® contributes to improving the en-
ergy efficiency of the community while protecting water heating systems
and appliances and other household equipment and leisure centers.

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INW-O® can be used in systems using cold or hot water. Contributes to the improvement and increase of energy efficiency of hot and cold systems, in turn, it reduces the risk of corrosion caused by the use of an excessively soft water or harsh chemicals.


Improvement of the
Energy Exchange
INW-O® CONTINUE The presence of incrustations caused by the hardness of the water, repre-
sents in many cases a serious problem for the facilities, since it reduces the
performance of the heat exchangers and can reach inadmissible values. An-
other consequence is the increase of the losses of load in the pipes system,
what translates in hydraulic imbalances, increase of the power absorbed in
equipment of production and causes the fall of energetic efficiency and even
obstructions. INW-O® helps prevent and correct these problems.
Protection of Air
Conditioning Systems
INW-O® CONTINUE The scale adhere to the air conditioning systems and therefore to their indi-
vidual components (coils, interior walls, fans, pumps, ... etc). This incrustation
is more pronounced in the areas that get wet and dry in an alternative way.
INW-O® is a chemical-free physical treatment that does not cause corrosion
problems due to the use of certain chemical products or excessive water soft-
ening in air conditioning systems.
Scale Inhibition
in Pipes and Machinery
INW-O® CONTINUE Rapid calcification tests have been performed to compare the embedding
potential of water samples at 75ºC with and without Zinc treatment. These
independent tests have shown that the technology that integrates INW-O®
is effective to control the formation of calcium carbonate scale, reducing cal-
cification in heaters by 80% and total precipitation by 74%.
Scale Removal
INW-O® CONTINUE The continuous effect of the zinc deposited in the water by our inhibitor sys-
tem INW O®, promotes the gradual and constant elimination of the old scale
of the hydraulic system to be treated. This cleaning results in an improvement
of energy efficiency and healthiness. The erosion to which the old scale are sub-
jected does not affect the effectiveness of the INW-O® equipment in the pre-
vention of new incrustations.
Capacity Reduction
of Biofilm Accommodation
INW-O® CONTINUE Bacterial life is favored by the incrustations present in hydraulic systems. These
scale protect the microorganisms from the temperature or disinfectants that
may affect them, which favors the development and proliferation of Legionella.
Therefore, it is important to keep the tanks, pipes, heat exchangers and DHW
storage tanks clean. INW-O®, by reducing the risks of scale, contributes to re-
ducing the risk of biofilm settlement and therefore of microorganisms.

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The INW-O® is designed to offer solutions adapted to the use and treatment required by the end user. From the smallest series destined for use in the domestic sector, to the industrial series capable of treating several hundred m3 / hour, INW-O® will be the best ally to inhibit the incrustations. The technology complies with all the regulations that apply to it. Including, the levels of contribution of zinc in water for human and animal use established by WHO.Compliance with Directives and Regulations:

  • EMC – EN 50081-1 50081-2    
  • WRAS Certification    
  • ISO 14001: 2004
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • BS EN ISO 9002 (1994)
  • (Germany) TüV Nord Prüfprogramm

IN1 IN1 Series : Design flow: 2,22 m3/h

Design flow: 37 l/m
IN2 IN2 Series : Design flow: 3,84 m3/h

Design flow: 64 l/m
IN3 IN3 Series : Design flow: 5,76 m3/h

Design flow: 96 l/m
IN4 IN4 Series : Design flow: 8,52 m3/h

Design flow: 142 l/m
IN5 IN5 Series : Design flow: 15,30 m3/h

Design flow: 255 l/m
IN6 IN6 Series : Design flow: 25,38 m3/h

Design flow: 423 l/m
IN7 IN7 Series : Design flow: 65,94 m3/h

Design flow: 1099 l/m
IN8 IN8 Series : Design flow: 365 m3/h

Design flow: 6053 l/m

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